The Royal Decree transposing the European Directive on Energy Efficiency 2012/27/EU, the Spanish companies employing more than 250 workers or having a turnover of more than 50 million euros and an overall balance of more than 43 million euros, must take action.

According to that which is set forth under the standards, these companies will have until November 14th to conduct an energy audit or have implemented an energy or environmental management system certified by an independent organization in accordance with the European or international standards.

In this process, currently nearing its end, the companies have barely a few short months left to implement the necessary measures. Ge2, possessing long experience in energy audits, is the ideal partner for those companies who are pending or need to immediately undertake making these improvements (I don’t know whether you are referring to the implementation of ISO 50001 for example or the process of conducting energy audits, the phrase “Undertake making the improvements” throws me off) required for being granted certification (solely in case of implementing a management system), thus avoiding the penalties for which lawmakers have made provision.

Ge2 suggests to its clients that it see the certification process as a means of achieving new savings and efficiencies. Hence, typically within somewhat longer than a one-month time frame (if we are talking about certification, we’re talking about longer time frames for purposes of implementation, and if we’re talking about conducting audits, it will depend on the number of centers and size), Ge2 inspects, proposes remedies and carries out the necessary work in order for any company (Does it seem okay to you to say “to fully comply with the laws and regulations in force or something like that instead of saying “to be certified”?) to be certified and start to benefit from the improvements made.