Ge2 is part of the Revenga Group, one of the most innovative family companies in Spain. This is thanks to a long term policy based on innovation and a working method where Ge2, along with all the companies within the group, generate alliances with the most successful companies on the planet for the development of new ideas and products.

Internal procedures have been put into place in all companies within the group to optimize the effort put into R+D+i so that new projects are identified, filtered and developed in the most efficient way possible. The R+D department is manned by experts whose only goal is to research and identify where opportunities for innovation may exist in our clients projects. R+D elevates proposals to the R+D+I committee for decisions on future progress, investment and staffing decisions as well as whether we need to work with a strategic partner. Any work undertaken with external companies, always the best known and most technologically advanced partners, is done under the umbrella of a strong alliance agreement in order to generate the best possible circumstances to deliver ground breaking and successful projects.