Bioclimatic architecture is architecture that is adapted to the environment in order to minimise energy consumption, and with it, contamination of the environment, by adjusting the design, geometry, orientation and construction of the building and using environmentally-friendly materials.

Bioclimatic buildings are designed to provide thermal comfort inside, adapting to the environment and taking advantage of solar radiation, air currents, as well as temperature, moisture, etc. The design must integrate all of the elements (structures, installations, soil conditions, solar collection, etc.) in order to fulfil its functional and bioclimatic mission.



Photo of a bioclimatic building


Since 1995, the Construction Division of the GRUPO REVENGA has been executing independent construction projects in the telecommunications sector, one of the sectors with which Revenga has worked since it was established in 1972.

This has allowed the company to achieve the necessary turnover and capacity to be granted the highest Government Contractor Classification.