Ge2 has signed a working agreement with the University-Business Foundation of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry so that the students in the Environmental Management Master’s Program, specializing in Water Management at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University will be able to carry out their final project in the master’s program in an innovative way known as e-Start.

This new model has to do with solutions being provided to practical cases proposed by public or private institutions and companies by way of a 2.0 platform making it possible for all of the players involved (academic advisor, business advisor, student and University-Business Foundation) to communicate with one another. e-Start is already functioning in other European countries remarkably successfully.

The Foundation has selected the project presented by Ge2, consisting of conducting a study contextualizing the current status of Efficient Water Network Management. The students must make a technical and economic assessment of the functioning of the water networks, the problems involved and the technical solutions making their management efficient.