The Spanish Ministry of Labor and Social Security has accepted Ge2 as a member of the Healthy Companies Network. This recognition comes as a result of GE2´s exemplary good practices in the promotion of health at work.

For every degree of temperature increased in home, the energy consumption is increased a 7%, but a well-insulated house is much more energy efficient, enabling an interesting economic saving. In addition, for each degree of temperature we increase in home, the energy consumption grows about 7 %, which implies a rise in the energy bill.

Spain´s Ministry of Industry has increased its budget for Energy Efficiency programs, reaching a total of 1,400 million euros. IDEA will be the organism managing the newly allocated funds, which will come from the National Fund of Energy Efficiency written in Spain´s National Budget (2015) and from European FEDER funds (2014 – 2020).

The US Office for Patents and Brands (USPTO) has  approved a patent presented by Apple on Tuesday in relation to a technology that is capable of  charging the battery of a MacBook with photovoltaic cells.

Swiss and German scientists have come to the conclusion that underneath our cities there are huge energetic resources that could be used to heat up and cool down our buildings.

Bioenergy is allowing the tourism sector to be more competitive on both quality and price as companies are able to reduce costs and offer a more sustainable tourism package to their clients.