Spain is a country that knows only too well what it means to  have water shortages. In the last few decades there have been several long periods of drought. The government attempts to solve these problems using desalination plants, water transfer and the use of wells.

In Ge2 we are aware that drought will be one of the main problems facing humanity in the near future. A decrease in water consumption and an improved management of our reserves is absolutely necessary. With that in mind we propose the following to all our clients:

  • Promote awareness and good and responsible habits in the use, consumption and management of water
  • Advice on the design, modernization and improvement of  water distribution networks and all their components
  • Upkeep of water pump systems to improve all discharge equipment, automation and frequency drives, etc
  • Help on the selection of the most competitive tariffs

At Ge2 we work on the continuous improvement of energy efficiency in irrigation systems and water distribution.